The Benefits Of “Smoking” An Unlit Cigarette

If you’re trying to quit smoking part of the addiction is just the habit of holding a cigarette and inhaling.  But what if you didn’t light the cigarette and instead taking a drag of an unlit cigarette and allow oxygen to fill your longs with air?  If you can take it one step further you could incorporate belly breathing with every drag of your cigarette.  To find out more about belly breathing and it’s benefits.

Every time you want a cigarette if you practice of inhaling air instead of actual smoke can control some of your psychological addictions to nicotine.  It will stall the amount of time you have in between cigarettes all the while giving you clean oxygen which your body needs anyway.

It’s definitely the most perfect way of quitting smoking, but at least you won’t have that guilty feeling that moment you light that cigarette, when you really are trying to quit smoking.

Plus, it feels really good getting all that clean air in your lungs.  The act of picking up the cigarette having that feeling in your hand as you draw it closer to your lips, you take a drag, and fill your lungs with air, hold your breath (hopefully your inhaling until the air fills your stomach), and you exhale, like a satisfying sensation that at least is way healthier than smoking a cigarette.

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