Should I Text Him First?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, at some point if you are single you will have to answer the question of should I text him first after….

should I text him first after we’ve slept together
should I text him first after we’ve had our first date
should I text him first after we hung out

You get the idea.  One answer is to consult a psychic who you trust who can tell you whether or not it is a good idea to text the guy, but I will stick my neck out there and say that the general rule here is that you wait for the guy to text you.

Now listen there can be some astrology here that can help you make your decision as well

For example, if he’s a taurus male, then you should definitely text first, same goes with a cancer male.  If he’s a gemini male then you want him to text you as he will most likely, like the chase.  If he is scorpio you want to wait for him to text you, but wait too long and then he’ll think you’re not interested.  Libra Male, that’s a toss up.  Leo, that’s a toss up too, but make sure you butter him up by giving him lots of compliments, it will help you get where you want to get faster.  What else, if he is a pisces male then you definitely want him to text you first.  Pisces when they are in love they are snipers they hone in on there target any never leave them out of your sight, but that’s not a necessarily a bad thing.  Airies Male, up in the air.  Capricorn Man?  Up int eh air.  Sage Male, you should definitely wait for him to text you first.
If you really aren’t sure if you should text him or her first, it might be good to consult a psychic reader who will be able to tell what he is thinking and feeling about you and whether or not he or she is going to text you, just so you know and that it can give you some peace of mind knowing that he or she will reach out to you imminently.

Having said that, just as a general rule in terms of living without regret, without any risk there isn’t any reward.  We all have fear of rejection, some allow it to consume us, and others find out and actually communicate so they can figure out if he or she is into them.  If you are having doubts about whether to text him first, that’s understandable still, but like I said try and get past your fears and your doubts because to be honest with you, you’re probably thinking the same thing over and over again, stuck in the same thought pattern.  That’s not a fun place to be in and it can be very polarizing in many ways.

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