Is He Emotionally Unavailable?

Your feelings are real and they matter, if you feel that your boyfriend or significant other is emotionally unavailable, you may want to contact a powerful psychic who can help you steer you in the right direction.

Kent Coffee is a well-known, genuine, professional, friendly and reputable psychic with a media background based out of Chicago. Because he specializes in “relationships issues” although he reads on all areas, (family situations, business/business colleagues issues, personal friendships etc.) he excels at working with women who are experiencing extreme “pain” in their relationships. Because he fulfills many needs in working with clients, when not discussing family or business matters, one of those is working with women who are experiencing a partner “leaving” without rhyme or reason alongside their pulling away with no apparent reason. That includes those going through a divorce, breakup or those who are experiencing any relationship upsets at all. Kent Coffee’s credibility is witnessed continually as to where a relationship or business situation is headed or when one might be “coming in” etc.

That means when you book a reading with Kent, you notice his niche is in being straightforward and to the point with understanding, warmth and kindness. His goal is in assisting the client to decide if it’s best to stay “in the relationship or leave”. Kent Coffee is precise, “direct” and works with men and women of all ages, and clients seek him out on a regular basis because of his experience and his innate ability to access the situation quickly and with honesty. Clients know what they “need to do” by the time they hang up the phone. Because Kent is known for working in “truth”, that means if you want the situation to be explained to you the way “it is”, Kent Coffee would be the reader for you. His goal is for you to “get what you need” so you can move forward.


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