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I’m scratching my head saying “what just happened?!?” That reading was INCREDIBLE. It was my first time reading with him and I didnt know someone can predict time frames and whats going to happen. I was going to talk with you about my profession but was so overwhelmed (in a great way) that I need to come back later to discuss. Get a reading if you are doubting ANYTHING. AMAZING!

I spoke with Kent a few weeks ago and over the past few weeks, things started to evolve as he had stated and was surprised to see it all happening. Great to listen to someone that I trust and will continuously go back to him if I ever need any further guidance. He is truly blessed and beyond gifted.

Said I’d start talking with poi again after 6 months in July and I didn’t believe him but it happened on the 2nd. Interested to see if he’s right about other things

This guy is actually helpful. He speaks clearly about the larger picture and somehow calms me so that I’m not feeling panicked. It’s hard to put into words but he has a way of getting through where others would stir up fears and try to keep you glued to what they say. Kent is not like that. He is ethical from my experience. I actually feel good and in tune with what he says.

I love talking with Kent. First and foremost, his predictions come true. But, he is also clear and eloquent about what he sees. He describes things so well and you can really feel and imagine your future. He is also very fast and to the point. I highly recommend!

Awaiting his predictions to unfold, but he has a certain charisma about his delivery, which not only captivates you, but provides perfect clarity. He tuned into my chaotic relationship, quickly, easily, and accurately.

Thus far I am seeing that Kent’s predictions are accurate and his reassuring words and kind disposition are comforting. Everyone knows love matters can get painful and one can be totally deluded about how the other person feels. It’s been so good to have a strongly intuitive advisor like Kent to help me understand my situation with my love interest. Thank you Kent!

Kent is always on target and extremely comforting. He is always accurate and reassuring. His past predictions have come to fruition. He goes out of his way to make sure you have all the answers you are looking for. He is very talented and a compassionate toward your concerns. When in doubt give him a call. He is one of the best I’ve dealt with. Thank you for all the details. It was like talking to an old friend. Beautiful days to come. 5 Stars!! Thank you Kent!!

Return customer. Kent is awesome. Also not just this but phone readings. He reads energies so please relate specifics of your situation. He is clear, consistent and delivers his message with kindness and humor. Well worth the price.

Kent is very insightful and thoughtful with answers. He is very confident in his predictions and gave me hope for my future. I also want to review a previous purchase of a phone reading with Kent. If you can afford it, get a phone reading with Kent. He is a true gem and will not waste your time. ***** 5 stars

Brilliant. Always honest. I really can’t say enough good things about this guy. Love what he does and love his vibes.

Excellent. Fast, informative and a clear directive.

I have had many readings. Many. Kent is by far the most intuitive and precise reader I have ever experienced. Clear Concise so right on target. I can’t help but keep coming back to him. He is wonderful. This last one was the best yet. He predicted my kitty would come home Tuesday and after he was missing for 3 days he showed up early Tuesday morning. I forwarded my question and response to my beloved and he was wondering how Kent stepped inside his head. My boyfriend said it was like he was talking in Kent’s ear and Kent was relaying verbatim his feelings. So incredible. truly a blessed kind and loving individual. Thank you so much Kent. may your light shine brightly always. Shine on!!!

OMG I just love Kent. He is just so good, very fast respond and he is very passionate and likes to help and give hope to people. He is a very positive person and I love his reading. Thank you Kent

Excellent insight into my situation and very detailed reading

Kent was dead on. Prompt and accurate.

He told me my money situation would be clear by September. He said I would be flooded with opportunities and will find a job in the next 11 days.

6 days later I was offered an amazing job, and 2 other jobs offered me interviews the same day. I am so grateful for this turn of events in my life!

resonated well with me. Eased my soul and spoke from his heart. Wasn’t my first reading and certainly won’t be my last. Sometimes God lines you up with the right one finally. Peace love and Light Kent Coffee ~:-) Namaste

resonated well with me. Eased my soul and spoke from his heart. Wasn’t my first reading and certainly won’t be my last. Sometimes God lines you up with the right one finally. Peace love and Light Kent Coffee ~:-) Namaste

Incredible advice and a tremendous healing experience on a very deep level. Told me things I never knew about myself and gave me the answer to my situation. Very thankful we connected

The best feeling

in the whole world
is watching things
finally fall into
place after watching
them fall apart
for so long.
Without a doubt, Kent is the best reader I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His readings are super accurate and soul honored/guided. Over the last two months he’s told me things – predictions that have come true! Sometimes my mind is blown by his exact accuracy. It may be 2 days, 2 weeks but his predictions do come true. Brandon actually contacted me again today (at least a third prediction that has manifested). I think why I love Kent so much is that he helps me to see and feel any situation with love and compassion. The universe always has your back! Love you to the moon and back Kent!! Xoxo
Kent picked up on the situation without any info given by me other than names and birthdays. I got the sense that he really knew us!
Mr. Kent was very sweet and to the point. He didn’t sugar coat or give me false hopes. Gave me the facts and what the out come will be if its good or bad. He states it will be a good out come its nice to know he have me the good and bad sides of things if it doesn’t work out in my favor. I truly am grateful to have both sides instead of everything pushed to one level. I shall see if everything goes how he says it will. But I have a feeling it will unfold just how he told me. Thank you so much. You will recieve calls from me from now on. I for sure recommend Mr. Kent for any of your questions or concerns of your future. Thank you again!
Absolutely mind blowing, super compassionate reader. Easily the best on keen. A few months ago he told me the guy I was dating would get a major award for his work. Well he was totally correct!! Brandon just got the award. Looking forward to all of your predictions! You really are the best!!
Kent is awesome…. he is such a kind and compassionate person. He always helps me see the positives in my situation. All of his short term predictions have come to fruition just as he said. I’m looking forward to his long term predictions for next year. I will stay positive and look forward to the future. I will definitely be reaching out to Kent for more guidance.
Kent prediction came true. He told me that the person in question would contact me between August 24th to August 30th and that person called Aug 26th. He has been honest with me in the past but this was a wow moment. I hoping and wishing for the rest to come true as this one did. I’ll keep Kent posted and thank you sir!!! You’re wonderful!!!!
I just had my first reading from Kent. I was blown away by his accuracy and giving me information on the lover I was calling about that sealed my decision to go with my feelings. I called another supposedly top rated advisor before calling Kent that advisor was judging the situation not giving a psychic reading. Kent told me my lover/roommate was refusing to leave when we had an argument and I should know that this means he cares for me. I didn’t tell Kent my roommate/lover wouldn’t leave when I have repeatedly demanded it. Kent was dead on about the situation and gave a phenomenal reading. I
highly recommend Kent!


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