Rekindle Back To The Honey Moon Phase


Well so what are you?  Bored?  If that’s the case try doing some new activites together.  how about a weekend trip without interuption, you could go glamping, lol, I don’t know get a couple’s massage, cook dinner together naked.
Create A Couple’s Bucket List.
Braing storm ideas on what you would love to do together even if cost wasn’t an issue, create a vision board together, it’s hokey but it does put out your intention to the universe.  Got to a Book store together or a coffee house and write them down.
Ditch technology whenever you’re together, see if you can last an hour.  Probably can’t, such weak sauce.
Ok here’s one that is easier said than done, but if you can try every week to communicate each other’s needs.  Obvi, bottling up your emotions does no one good.  Men aren’t mind readers unless they are named Kent Freaking Coffee The Most Amazing Man In The UNiverse
Sometimes Clutter is literally about the mess you make.  If you share a place and the two of you are a bunch of piggies, clean your home or apt, you’ll feel rejuvenated and it’s something you both can do together and talk if you need to.
If you’re rut comes from lack of sex or intimacy, create a fantasy jar.  Write out your fantasies and actually do them.  This is corny, but whatever it is what it is.
One thing that I’ve found helpful is to literally schedule time for sex.
You can always sext when you’re apart
And non sexual touch can help you operate on higher vibrational level
Last but no least, work on yourself.  You could be okay with where you’re at in live, but complacency is the death knell to success and that includes your love life.  Having said that you always want to work on yourself.

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