He Stopped Texting Me

When He or She stops texting you it can be brutal.  I’m just being honest.  Everything seems to be going really smoothly and then all of the sudden.  Nothing.  The worst thing you can do is allow your thoughts to consume you and to assume the worst.  There could be a myriad of reasons why he or she hasn’t responded, so do yourself both a favor and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that, I’m sure you’ll you’re going to dig one way or the other.  This is a natural response and one that you should feel compelled to do.  But if you’re still totally baffled and are unable to discern what happened then you really should try reaching out to a psychic love reader. 

There are of course other ways to cope.  My advice is always be yourself.  Whoever you’re going to be with for the long run is going to love you with your flaws and all.  If it’s you to be neurotic, then be neurotic, be mindful though that you could self sabotaging because of the fear of the unknown.  It’s best to pace yourself and not yourself be needy, but I do understand where you’re coming from.

If He Stopped Texting you, it’s only as bad as your mind makes it.  We want to break free from thought patterns that have run its course.  Consider the possibility of the universe wanting to shake things up in your life.  There is no growth without challenge.  Or you could look at it as a time where the Universe won’t really give you anything that you can’t handle, so it’s like you’re not an octopus and can only do so much.  That is the universe knows you’re super swamped, maybe look at this as welcome pause.

He also could be trapped in a tree somewhere, he could be in area where there is no good cell phone coverage, maybe he lost his phone, maybe is mad at you, and is moody and doesn’t want you to see this side of him.  The answer is it could be anything, do you really want to spend your time worrying or thinking of the million things he could be doing?

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