How To Get Through Valentine’s If You’re A Guy


I think it’s a mistake to think that guys don’t care about valentine’s day.  I think we often think about our those that we loved, and if we are single, we might be alone on this day as well.  So if you’re a dude and you want some advice read on.

Go Out With Your Friends: This one is obvious, get together with some other dudes and go to a bar and make jokes and having some food – or not.  It could be that said dudes want to meet some women so they could just be drinking.

Take the Day Off:  Ferris Buehler Style.  Take the day off of work and do whatever you want.  If you see an attractive lady, strike up a conversation, if that is not how you operate well then make it a goal to see if you can get her to smile.  My Chorus teacher Dr. Sibbald from the 6th grade used to say “KENT NO TEETH” It’s because I goofed off so much during class and was always smiling.  Again, if you can get her to smile it will avalanche and you’ll want to do it all the time.

Get A Last Minute Date: Why not?  If you don’t have a valentine’s date, get on a dating app and see if you find another spontaneous women if they want to grab a drink or coffee if you don’t drink.

Do A Group Activity: Go to and see if you can get together with like minded individuals.  At least you won’t be at home watching netflix, you can do that any day.

Be Like A Korean For A Day: When South Koreans don’t have a valentines sweet heart they eat a special dish called jya jya myun If you are a foodie nerd like me, then you’ll love this dish.

Go To A Hotel Bar.  Great Way To Meet New People

Meditate.  That is be more reflective.  If you don’t have love in your life, figure out a way to get to that space, if you can’t figure it out, another way is to envision your life with the woman of your dreams, what is she like, do you guys live in a shack?  Where do you see yourself living together.  That sort of thing.  Look internally for answers as love is often a spiritual conquest.  The best way to go within is to meditate.

If You’re Guy, you most likely will treat it like any other day and won’t even really think twice that it’s valentine’s day.

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