Kent Coffee Valentine’s Horoscopes


Aquarius:  You’re learning how to resolve your issues with your POI, you’re getting knowledgeable about ways to handle, improve, and flourish in love.  If you’ve been waiting for communication from somebody you’ve been waiting for, it’s coming.  you may get two invitations, one is from someone is very young at heart and the other is an invitation from someone or something that you deem very valuable, that could be love as well. You’re very loving and giving almost to a fault.  And finally there seems to be a lust or corporeal knowledge that you would like to experience, do so because it could lead to a consistent relationship.

Scorpio:  Sometimes you feel you have to wait and work with in but this valentine’s you’re not waiting and you are actually very giving.  Right now you have everything you need to thrive going forward.  This valentine’s you’re working for it and if you are literally working that day, you’ll make time for your POI.  There seems to be a happy family get together with a lot of people who you love.  It’s a very warm time for you Scorpio, if you’re hesitant about getting some time off, not just on vday, others would welcome it, just fyi. You’re thinking about buying, or remodeling, or moving in together.  And you may find yourself gifting you something is really valuable to you.

Virgo:  You’re deciding what you want to do on valentine’s way before.  You’re thinking about how you want to handle this day and perhaps literally plan the day accordingly.  On an inner level  you’re making a realization that you really do have someone very special in your life.  This isn’t your garden variety feeling.  These deep profound realizations that you know who you love. You’re going to feel that a very young at heart person wants to do something nice for you.  You’re soft at heart and will may want to do something nice in return.  If you’ve had to let go of someone recently, so be it.  Let it go and don’t worry about it.

Libra:  You’re waiting to hear from someone and at the very last minute they will.  You would have liked for them to reach out sooner, but they do so you get what you want.  Sometimes you just have to accept how people are and no internalize it so much.  You may have to work hard both in you career and in love, but the two are in tandem and so work at improving both.  You’ve been wanting to feel really secure in your life and you’re really starting to feel that security now.  This will only continue especially from April onward. Your two best friends are going to be a source of love and encouragement, perhaps not at the same time, but two standout.

Gemini:  If you’ve had rough lately, you’re going to be a peace shores very soon.  You’re looking at everything that is of value to you and appreciating the warmth that it brings you. You need to trust that God/Universe is their for you and will help you as long as you have your faith.  This has more to deal with you being tired of being alone.  Have faith that you have all the resources the world to manifest what you want in love.  There is someone who is in a hurry to take you out, don’t hesitate because there is only good intentions there.  Your health is also going to be better and you’re going to be feeling healthy and rejuvenated the entire month and beyond.

Aries:  It’s going to be a mixed bag for you.  You’re going to want to make plans for valentines day.  Whatever you’re leaning on do it because it’s going to turn out way better than expected.  You’re thinking about your mom recently and you feel like you want to something nice for her because of all things she’s done for you.  There’s a mental and emotional connection you have with a person who when you think about them, they are thinking about you.  Kind of telepathic in many ways.

Capricorn:  You have a very special person at the moment who you feel you can really trust, or will soon be able to trust entirely.  You’re going to feel very giving and you will almost feel that you have people eating out of the palm of your hands.  You feel very special and the world knows it.  You’ll feel like your partner is very romantic and young at heart.  You could find yourself going on a little trip.  And finally put your work aside and enjoy yourself.  Work can be done later.

Pisces:  You’re going to get in an invitation to do something really fun.  Don’t pass on it.  Love is truly in the air, and you’re assured of great success finally.  In the near future you’ll see that Vday is just the start, you’ll feel accomplished and loved.  There’s another invitation, on the second invitation you won’t know what to do, but you will later in the month.  A decision will necessarily have to be made, if I were you, I would choose the fun one.

Taurus:  You’re wanting a relationship to be secure and it’s a deep desire, I get it.  This relationship is very valuable to you, but the exciting news is that you’re going to get what you want!  There is change for you very soon that will be extremely good for you.  You’ve probably heard that you don’t like change, but you will love what’s given to you.  Money is coming your way this month and beyond and you’re really coming out of your shell.  You might be working on valentines, but you’ll have the time to make up for it later.  And finally you’re learning in general, but more specifically learning how to manage people and those close to you.

Sagittarius:  You’ve been working really hard Sage.  True love is certain and is of great success this month.  The family gets together and you plan this soon.  You’re happy and satisfied because you met your goal.  Make another one.  You started something recently, don’t feel bad that you were unable to finish.  You will later on in the year.   You’re going to be relaxing on valentines day, but you’re going to be invited soon to many wonderful connections that you never knew existed until now.  Very good month for you Sage.

Leo:  There’s a very positive change of pace for you Leo.  You’re moving double time but you like it that way.  Your job is very stable at the moment and you’re confident that you can do more, way more.  As you see that your pace is changing, you’re thinking about how you’re going to manage it all.  Be still and trust that you’ll get the answers in the third week of March.  There is a very giving women in your life, don’t ever let this person go.  There is also a stable person that you know that wants to get to know you better.  You’re unsure, if it’s iffy, let it go.

Cancer:  You do something very nice for somebody on vday.  Someone in your family gets some very great news.  You’re going to celebrate with your family.  Your family wants you to be loved and you can feel it.  You might have very expectations right now and might be more impatient than usual, let it come to you.  There is no rush.  There is someone who is a good communicator that loves to love.  Allow this person in.  The second half of this year is way better than the first half.

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