Who Is Kent Coffee?

Don’t allow your doubts to get the best of you. Right now you have overwhelming emotions and well sometimes you can’t handle the swings. Some days are certainly better than others, but there is something that is missing or that you haven’t figured out to do in order to get what you want. Allow me to tell you answers you were meant to hear so that you can fulfill your ultimate goal on this earth. I have the gift of foresight and I use them to make you better a person filled with people who love you, support you, the income that you thought you’d never thought you could make, and most of all a lover that will outlast the tests of time.

These feelings though that you carry are sometimes hard to describe, all you know is that you haven’t felt this way about anybody and you feel deep down inside that there is a connection. You may find yourself being hard on yourself, comparing yourself to others, and probably looking at social media more than you have to. If you want a meaningful connection and it’s important for you to have his or her commitment and time really then you owe it to yourself to seek out the best!

My name is Kent Coffee and I honestly believe it is my calling to help you find the love that will fulfill your needs and add real value to your life. I have helped literally thousands of people get married, prevent divorce, reunite with their high school sweetheart, their twin flame, and the job they thought they couldn’t get.

I am professional, straightforward, type A, witty, and articulate.

Here’s what I can and can’t tell you about

I can:
– tell you the thoughts and feelings of your partner
– tell you accurate time frames that I want you to trust
– tell you about those who have crossed over, but only through chat
– tell you what your life’s destiny is
– tell you if you are going to have a career change
– tell you if you are going to get a job you have already applied for
– tell you if he or she is seeing somebody else
– tell you if he or she is cheating on you
– tell you if he or she is lying to you
– tell you when you are going to get married
– tell you will feel joy in your life
– tell you how to deal with difficult family members (in laws)
– tell you if you have past a test
– tell you if you have lost someone or something important to you
– tell you physical appearance of the one your meant to be with if you’re single
– tell you to what to do if he or she has currently a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife
– tell you how to circumvent obstacles that are standing in the way of what you want

I Can Not :
– answer any medical or medical related questions
– answer pregnancy questions
– answer any legal questions that are pending

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