Dear Kent I Want To Invest Money

Dear Kent, I’m a Cancer Male in My Late Twenties and I’m looking for ways to invest in the stock market.  What is your advice?  Joseph

Hi Joseph,

Since you are still fairly young, you want to stay away from bonds and focus more on individual stocks as well as ETFs.  You want to be be diversified.  Now is not a band time to look into Oil Stocks.  If you don’t know which one to choose then go with the OIH, which is a basket of oil stocks.  You also want to consider FAANG.

Yes it’s popular, but all those companies still have growth and that is where all the money is going to.  Having said that if you can’t decide on whether to buy facebook over google, or apple over amazon, you might want to just buy the nasdaq 100 ETF better known as the QQQs.

You want to look for solid companies that pay a dividend of at least 2 percent.  You want to search for companies that at least will pay you more than let’s say  The retailers are tough but do often offer good returns.  Luluemon comes to mind as does Canada Goose.  There are also companies I love including Nike, Starbux, Etsy, and so many more to list right now.

If you are more risk averse and want more beta in your portfolio you can always go with pot stocks as well as bitcoin.  They seem to be trading in tandem with each other.  I don’t know that much about cryptocurencies, but I do know that only bitcoin is traded on the chicago mercantile exchange, which means it’s the only cryptocurrency that futures are able to be traded on.  Until there is another crypto that gets added to the CME the rational here is to buy BITCOIN until further notice.

If you are so inclined.  I would never put more than 10 percent of my assets in bitcoin, but I’m also pretty risk averse.  the pot stocks that have the biggest market cap are Canopy Growth and Tilray, but are Canada ADRs that trade on the nyse and nasdaq respectively.

Since you want to be diversified it’s always a good idea to buy gold.  GLD and if you feel super bullish you could ride the wave of NUGT.  Buyer beware it is volatile and you would have to be right on the veracity of the movement.

Some other interesting stocks to me are Crisper Theurapeutics and Editas.  Both use crspr technology to change the DNA molecules, it is believed that they can alter the genetics to completely get rid of cancer cells.  These are speculative, but if you are into Biotechs, this is where I would place my money if I wanted more beta.

Kent Coffee

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