Kent Coffee 2019 Yearly Horoscopes

Make Sure To Read Your Sun & Moon Signs As Well As Your POI or Partner’s Sun and Moon Signs


Since Around February of 2017 the changes that you have gone through are finally completed and your focus goes to love, creativity, children, and finally but most importantly career changes, major ones, that will lead you to professional success.

You’ll know the career changes on or around the 17th of April.  Because of this past structures at your work or your job have outlived their purpose.  Embrace change Aries because it is a blessing in disguise.  You won’t realize this until later but things are looking up financially for you.  Long distance travel beckons you and long distance matters preoccupy your time from January to July.

You’re going to be able to broaden your network or audience using your words most likely written, but this could also mean that you’re learning something very valuable to you.  There are secrets in March that are made public and problems at home compound in July.  There can be some unanticipated expenses in November, so try and save for a rainy day.

In regards to love, you want to look for around June the 10th to have it handed over to you on a silver platter.  You have a three month honeymoon phase with this person so enjoy it and try to make it last beyond the three month point.  Once you do you’ll have it made for the rest of the year.  If you’re unsure that you can last the three months, then consulting a love and relationship advisor is my suggestion to you.


The profound changes that you have been going through since February of 2017 are finally coming to a climax at the very beginning of the year.  From January 21 your focus will shift to making substantial changes in your day to day living that are much easier for you to manage.  Basically what that means is, that you’ll either get help from others, or you’re structuring your life to make your life easier.

For example, instead of going to the grocery store week, you might find it easier and more convenient to have amazon delivery whole foods to you at your door.  Long distance and short duration travel is going to occur in either march or april and you’ll definitely have a lot of wanderlust inside of you.  Break free and get out there T.

You’re certainly learning a lot, not so much spiritually, or emotionally, I mean literally hitting the books or learning something that is very practical that will give you a complete advantage come 2020 and 2021 when you really surprise yourself on how much money you have been making.  Speaking of which the money Gods are with you this year and you can expect jointly held resources to be stream of steady albeit a one time windfall if not both is coming to both of you.  Friends or groups can create problems from March.  Don’t say I didn’t war

n you taurus, if I were you I would stay away from groups in March.  Sometimes you you’re unable to avoid it, so my advice to you is don’t anything you might regret later.  There is going to be some sort of misunderstanding with paper work in July and I do believe it’s unavoidable and partners who are misunderstanding and inflexible can lead to major communication breakdowns in November.  Your motto is think twice before you act.  It will save you a lot of headache in the end.


Problems with Educational matters or anything that has to do with anything Legal in February 2018 come to some sort of conclusion and by january 21 you’re able to move forward and get ready for the next part of your life.  Your focus admittedly will be on making money both earning it but also preserving what you have.

Events in July might make it very difficult for you to preserve your capital so keep that in mind.  You might have to make due with a little bit less than usual, but consolidation of debt is the key to to keeping things in tact.  The good news is that your allies can be found through your friends’ friends, so make sure you’re not burning any bridges Gemini.

Be nice, play fair, and you can’t go wrong.  This is kind of going to be a bit of a challenging year for you Gemini.  There’s going to be some professional miscommunications in March that you’ll have to correct and will need a lot of fortitude and patience.  In July financial problems rear their ugly heads and work related problems creep up again in November.  What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger Gemini, so when you get knocked down, you need to get up.

Hopefully you’re hearing this now so that you can prepare yourself, because in 2020 and 2021 you have the best years of your life coming to you.  It’s worth going through what you need to do to get there.  If you are going through some difficulties and you’re unable to figure out what to do, you should consult an advisor who can help you sort out your confusion and help you alleviate your worries.


Your finances are going to improve!  the last two year since January 2019 have been tough, but you no longer carry your burdens that have kept you preoccupied and vulnerable.  You will have support from your family and friends as resources both emotional and tangible all through out the year.  For the entire Year of 2019 your focus is finally turned to YOU.

Your wants and needs but also how they fit with what your partners needs as well.  Decisions made around your birthday will have long lasting impact on your relationship.  So make sure you are deliberate and thoughtful as you make your decision.  If you are not currently un a relationship, you’re going to find someone who has everything that you don’t, and together you make a power team.  Your reliance on this new person is unexpected and you’re trusting more than you have in a very long time.

No matter what, if you are with someone or single, you’re no longer suffering in silence and your demands are taken way more seriously, perhaps you’re articulating yourself better as well.  T

here may be miscommunications in March that can wreak havoc when it comes to legal or educational matters.  This only last for three weeks, so make sure that you’re mindful of the words that you are using when talking to your boss and co workers.


For the past two years Leo, you’ve been really focusing on yourself and doing whatever it is to improve yourself.  You’ve learned that if you want something done, you need to do it yourself.  Your focus now turns to giving more than getting.  Trust me your karma points are building up and you will really be rewarded.

You’ll be forced to do the right thing and so if that means giving up your time or making others a priority, well it could be worse.  Having said that, you don’t really want to start anything new right now Leo.  You want finish up old projects that started last summer and you really want to solidify your position at work or your career by again sacrificing more of your time for others.

You’ll have your eye on the future the entire year, so don’t lose hope of that prize, and don’t give up on that dream home Leo.  You’re going to love how brilliant your life is turning out to be after this year.  Now in love, you may fall in love this year and indulge yourself in them.  Think getaways and consolidated or condensed time together where you splurge.  It’s a very fertile year in every sense of the word, so be ready to have the best sex in your life this year.

If you’re able try to avoid financial misunderstandings in March.  Now listen, in July your feelings may be hurt by what someone says to you, it may bruise your ego a bit, but move on, forgive the person, he or she is a waste of your energy.  In November place nice with your family or members of your home.  There could be some blood on the tracks if you don’t and it will just make things very difficult for you.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you Leo.


There have been changes at work as well as work and responsibility overload Virgo.  Your past that bullsh%t and are free to explore the more pleasurable pursuits of love and creativity.  Dream this year Virgo and dream big.  This will serve as a foundation of who you want to be as well as who you want o be with.

Children whether you have them or not are going to preoccupy your time now and then and perhaps the requests are much, but do it, continue with your responsibilities there and you will be rewarded.  Old love is going to come roaring back in hopes of reconciliation and an air of newness not felt before, but this also could mean someone who you’ve had feelings for but never came to light.

In terms of your physical home it shows that you will remodel, or ortherwise secure your home foundations.  This could mean also that your paying down your mortgages or credit cards, but it’s also likely that you purchase a hime or real estate, even if you don’t plan to live there just yet.  In March you need to watch what you say with partners, you may regret it later.

But otherwise just because there is a misundersatnding that doesn’t mean you should go home and take your ball with you.  If you talk it through you’ll both feel way better about it.  Perhaps you’re not too into confrontation, but sometimes the universe just forces you too.  So be mindful of what you say in March.

In July you may have some quibbles with friends or people who you know through friends.  Just deal with it, it might be super annoying at the time but you’ll get past it.  There are travel plans in november that could potentially not be so good.  My advice is to book later or before, and if you have to travel in november just be mindful that there could be delays.


Changes in your love life and or children are no longer as challenging as they have been Libra.  Having said that, if you have a choice between family or friends or your career, CHOOSE CAREER.  The reason being is that is a very powerful time for you to get ahead and to manifest the real windfalls of monetary gain.

This powerful energy is not just about your career though, you’ll find that personal relationships deepen in tandem with your career this year.  You will be making short distance travels all year long, but they lead to an opportunity you wouldn’t have been offered but for the efforts made in moving around.  Work Problems seem to get intense in March, but I do see that as your only set back in your work.

In July there will be misunderstandings with the people you work with, try and be as charming as you can.  Use your words and your elegance to get yourself out of a tight spot in July.  Otherwise, there is going to be a harsh reality that hits home pretty harsh.  When you find out what that is, and you’re not sure what to do you may want to consult someone who can work through your problems.

Just so you know you’ll just have to give up on it.  The harder you try not to let it go, the worse it will get.  Try and not to resist the change so much as it is inevitable for your future growth.  Otherwise, yes this year is all about your career and making genuine strides in your savings account.


Whatever you have left in terms of your career since the last two years is here to stay Scorpio.  What that really means is that you’ve ensured your future success by buildings the foundations for it the last two years.  It’s been slow I get it, but you’re about to see that your life significantly improves by solidifying a routine that you can handle.

Routine being the operative word.  There will be a healthy replenishing of funds all through out the year but there will be traveling involved and learning to get what you need to move ahead.  At this phase of your life, the group serves the higher purpose than yourself right now, and it’s better to work with people than it is to go your own your way. Unlike the song, you can’t “go your won way”.

In March you need to watch what you say to your lover as there can be a fight or two if you’re not careful with your words.  Also children can complicate things in March as well.  But otherwise your family is a great source of joy for you and you will see that you are supported and loved.

Try to not mince your words in november as people might use your words against you.  Otherwise, this is a wonderful year for you.


Sage I’m here to inform you that 2019 is going to be the best year you have had in 12 years!  Your ruling planet the mighty Jupiter will be traveling in your sign all year bringing fresh new starts to just about every facet of your life.  Singles Sages will find someone new to love, while sages who are attached will certainly feel the commitment growing.

The restructuring of your day to day living, resolving legal matters, are going to be completed by february 23 freeing you up for travel, laughter, and joy until July.  You’ll want to splurge and spend money, but you should be a bit more prudent if you’re able.

Now sage something you are very much afraid of rears its ugly head in the summer particularly in July that you must deal with right away.  You won’t be able to get away with procrastinating, facing your fears and taking the power away from others is how you win.

You may have some problems at how in April involving your children but otherwise as long as you stay mindful of miscommunications in November with your significant other, your 2020 and 2021 and that is emphasized with what was said above on how this was going to be the best year you’ve had in 12 years.  It’s really money in 2020 and 2021 because love will be shorn up well before then.


The past two years haven’t been exactly thrilling for you or your pocketbook Capricorn.  The good news is that the past is behind you and you should be on way solid financial footing now then you were back then.  Your focus now shifts to partnerships and any other intimate one on one relationships.  Basically you will be given the opportunity to really solidify and secure love.

You won’t feel the anxiousness and the jealousy you sometimes feel because you’re seeing your love and relationships so much easier to handle and enjoy.  Take your time though, this isn’t just about your romantic life, this also has to deal with anybody that you really care about.

Make sure you prioritize the ones who you truly care about and the ones who seem to be just there.  You want to give more to the ones who have always been there for you Cap.  They may be more vocal then usual and you need to respect their say and their rights.  Watch out for misunderstandings or even a fight or two in July, but otherwise it’s a wonderful year for you.


This year your focus shifts entirely on your career Aquarius.  You know this already but you also need to know that your male friends are going to really help you out in regards to your career.

Changes at work are likely in January and then again in July, don’t fight this change, but try and to embrace it because it’s for your own good.  Gifted with superior intelligence, use your intrapersonal skills to convince others of your brilliant ideas.

Care about your health this year and direct any sort of health issues directly all the while getting second and even third opinions.  I feel a lot of your health issues are psychological in nature so try and be mindful of your stress and anxiety levels and try and destress when you’re able.


Over the past year three years work has consumed you leaving you with little to no fun in your life.  This all changes come March when you are free the creative and fun parts of your life.

You will love and will be loved, and you’ll feel a renewed sense of joy that hadn’t been there for a long time.  Opportunities for love, laughter, fun and frolic will expand and you are really living your life the way you want to.  You can be too altruistic of your time, but make sure that you continue to be yourself and you’ll be able to balance your personal and career aspects of your life.

The emphasis is on expanding the love principal in your life, and you may either bring someone new to life, or give birth to a child of your mind; both are likely to take on a life of their own and may evolve into quite the responsibility, so have a care with what you create.

Professional success and advancement is likely and as a result the group may call upon you to do something altruistic with your time, just make sure there is something waiting at the end for you rather than just an “attaboy” for your hard work.

Don’t get suckered into falling for the “only man” concept; that you are the only one possible to do the job in March, or get wrapped up in children or lover’s problems in July and avoid legal complications through clear lines of communication in November.

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