6 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

It’s true there are a lot of people who choose to be single.  Perhaps they aren’t interested in sharing themselves with someone in a serious way.  While others maybe single because they are a serial dater and don’t seem to be able to click with the right guy or gal. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like a victim when you’re going through a dry spell, “why me?” “Why is it so much easier for everybody else to find love.”  It can sometimes be cruel and unfair, but perhaps you can improve yourself so that you can be ready for the love that you deserve.  By being a bit more self aware we may discover a new energy is born.
1) Defenses
You’ve simply been so hurt in the past that your guard is up.  You’re able to spot red flags even before the flag exists because your looking for a reason to give up.  Lighten up, people aren’t perfect and you aren’t either.  If you want love in your life you’ll have to risk something.  Perhaps it’s not so quid pro quo, but you can’t expect anywhere by writing people off so easily.
2) Guys Who Aren’t Healthy For You
For whatever reason you’re attracted to the same type of guy.  The guy who wants sex, or the guy who plays mind games because he’s not serious.  Whatever it is, you’re not getting that your choosing guys who are operating at a lower vibrational level.  And then what happens is we blame these guys and every guy because they are all the same and will break your heart anyway.  There are a lot of different guys, we are all not created equal.  Go for a giver for once.
3) Pickiness
You’re a 6 and you’re looking for a 9. All good men are taken, and there is no one left, and so you gravitate towards guys you know you can’t have because they embody who you really want.  For example you fall in love with a married man, who only flirts with you on occasion and all of the sudden you think that you guys are soulmates.  I’m sorry but he’s taken.  I’m certainly not saying to settle for less, I’m just saying that you might want to not judge a book by it’s cover and give a guy you might never go for a chance.
4) Low Self – Esteem
You were hurt pretty badly in the past and it really has affected you for a very long time.  You got rejected and it hurt you so bad that you’re really afraid of taking another chance again on the fear that it will happen again.  It could also be about what you tell yourself everyday.  If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.  If you feel as if you are a bit overweight, either be okay with that, embrace it, or lose weight.  Either way, do things that make you believe in yourself.  It all starts with your thoughts.  Try to recognize negative thought patterns that are so how set to repeat right now.
5) Fear Of Competition
You start dating a guy and it’s going well, he starts to back off and you realize that there is an ex that he’s still hung up.  You go running for the hills because you don’t want to compete with that.  Another example has to do with age, you start telling yourself, I’m too old for him, he’ll want someone a lot younger when he wants to settle down and have a family.  Sound familiar?  Yes that’s you, you don’t want to fight so you give up thinking you can’t win.  Win.
6) Isolation and Routine
You’re independent and you’ve worked hard to make a living for yourself.  At the end of the day you might just be too tired for anything else, but watching netflix ordering in, and passing out.  You’re so set in your routine it’s hard to see yourself deviating from it and so you find yourself waiting for a miracle to happen.  As the saying goes, if you want to catch a tiger, you need to go to the jungle.
Have an open mind going forward.  I can’t promise you that you won’t get hurt, but if you can be more open and honest it will lead you to a sincerity and authenticity in your relationships.

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