My Heart Is Pounding And Breaking At the Same Time, Should I stay Or Should I leave

If you’re asking this question the answer always is it depends.  I mean if you have a crew of girlfriends they are going to be on your side, but they really don’t know how you really feel deep down inside.  If you don’t have many you confide in and are more independent then you might not have someone to turn to and keeping it with in isn’t the healthiest thing either.  You can go seek counseling and it’s totally valid, but again your psychologist won’t know how you really feel either.  And perhaps more importantly they won’t know the thoughts and feelings of the guy that you’re in love with.  Love is can be an elusive mess for many of us and even when we have it, our pasts can bring up insecurities.  Sometimes you need someone to tell you like it is, especially with your career because you don’t want to make mistakes there either.

Psychics are real, and I just so happen to be one who is legitimate.  The only way I can really prove to you is by giving you some reviews.  There are 15,000 Psychic reviews of what people have to say

About my abilities to read the situation, knowing what their thoughts and feelings are as well as your own feelings as well.

Okay so back to back to the article.  If you are in a rocky relationship, you have to ask yourself if you are settling.  If you feel like you are settling you are probably ready to move on.  If you feel this man is the love of your life and you can’t stop thinking about him and the feelings that this man invokes inside of you, then maybe you should hang on and seek consult.  Otherwise, be real with yourself.

Camp One: You Are Settling.

Now the question is the grass greener on the other side of the fence.  See you don’t really know this unless you actually do have someone in mind that you find way better.  If he’s single then that’s good.  If he’s married, that also depends.  I don’t judge here.  God works in mysterious ways and I’m in no position to judge the situation I can only tell your past, present, and future.  I’m not to judge why things happen.  If there isn’t anybody else who you have in mind then you really do need to ask yourself if you can find better.  Some of that is simply a confidence issue.  Your boyfriend or husband could be purposely bringing you down for their inadequacies and insecurities bring out their alpha side.  So now listen everything really depends on each individuals situation.  Again I think you might benefit from at least talking to someone who has been talking to people and helping them for many many years.

Camp Two:  You are madly in love

You are madly in love and you really do believe that he is your soulmate and dare I say twin flame.  I go by the book  (or google stages of twin flame love and choose the law of attraction article.  in regards to twin flame because I feel it really is layered love that has a purpose, so when you say it’s your twin flame and you’re like 20s and 30’s I role my eyes because you’re no where close.  So let’s just say your soulmate.  So if you are this person, then you either have to see what happens and be patient.  I mean it’s kind of your only option unless you’re getting REAL help.

Otherwise, no matter what if you don’t want to try a psychic then you really should have a way an outlet and not to beat a dead horse but having a good heart to heart with a man of my experience and gifts may actually save you some heartache and headache by avoiding costly mistakes.  That doesn’t mean you have to go walking on eggshells, you always want to be yourself, but sometimes getting advice and especially a man’s advice would be beneficial to you.  I am a man I think like one.  – Kent Coffee


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    • From what I can tell this year is actually going to turn around for you especially in love. It shows that you’ll have renewed or restored faith in your life and perhaps even more on a spiritual level. Look for Love to Shine from April all through out the Summer. That’s not to say that it’s bad thereafter, only that it’s a very particular window, so take advantage of that. – Kent Coffee

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