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2019 Kent Coffee Horoscopes.


The visions here are indicating a rapid gain, which could happen during the month of March 2019. This unexpected money will do you a lot of good, and allow you to replenish your funds. It will happen during a morning and will be announced by electronic means: whether it be the internet or a mobile phone, the news will arrive digitally. You will be overjoyed and share the news with your loved ones: celebrate it properly, it is important to celebrate important moments in life. This will help you inscribe the moment in your memories forever.

It won’t be a huge amount (not millions), but enough to sort out your daily life for a while. The reason for the gain isn’t specified here but it’s possible that it will be the result of a contest, a prize draw, or game. The fact that you are winning is not chance, it is because success is on your side in the coming weeks, I see this very clearly.

Luck will be with you.  You could also benefit from it in other areas of your life, such as in your professional life, where people might praise you or even give you some new responsibilities you’ve been waiting a long time for. In a period like this, you have to dive right in and increase your personal initiatives. You have to work at luck too, and the more dynamic you are in your life, the longer it will stay with you.

You consider someone as a friend, when the reality may be different. In the coming days, a betrayal may arise from nowhere. Why is that?  I’m not entirely sure. But we can clearly see that someone around you is keeping his cards close to his chest. He is doing this is order to have a better chance of reaching his own personal goals. It could be a co-worker who would like your job, or who is secretly jealous about your success. It could also be about competition for a job or a raise. Whatever happens, you must be strategic and show you are smarter than him.

The perception that you have of that person today is false. The future will tell, but the it is a bit of a warning.  Specific events could bring that person to change his behavior and want to play on your side of the fence. If you let him you could soon be invaded and you won’t manage to escape. Your mind will quickly become aware of the extent of damage. However, it will take time to digest it, and the consequences could be significant…

Some unexpected help could give you an edge at a time when everything will seem lost. There is a third person who will play a decisive role in this matter, and he could then acquire a new dimension in your life. You won’t expect it from him, it will come as a great surprise to you. Without a doubt this person will turn around a situation that got off to a poor start, and you will not know how to thank him because his help will save you from the abyss. The most precious people in our lives are not always those we think, this could be the wise take-away from these visions.

You need to have a change, a break in routine and do something different. It shows that this is a deep seated feeling in you, a desire for some where else and for some thing else. It is true that it has not been easy in recent times; everyday worries have been too much, and your projects have been affected. Fortunately, you have this beautiful light in you; this thirst for novelty, meetings and discoveries. This openness should allow you to bounce back in your life, and find the warmth in your heart again. It is by living new experiences that you learn about yourself, and you will discover the full extent of your potential.

On the emotional level, you seem very critical of yourself. Still, the cards show that you have all the qualities necessary for sharing a lasting and fulfilling relationship. You are an understanding person, in whom people can trust.  Your loved ones particularly appreciate you for your unique and sensible personality. You are never short of new ideas and emotionally you are a trustworthy person. There’s a man around who consumes your thoughts and who seems to want to start a dialogue. He is a shy person who will struggle to make the first move.  It shows the purity of his feelings and show that with a little tact you should be able to get closer to him. There is also a person who occupies a privileged spot in your life. His feelings are well established and it is up to you to share happy times with that person.

Your Tarot Card: The Empress represents power and authority.  She’s an ambitious and independent person who seeks material comfort above all. At her worst, she embodies excessive capitalism and success at any cost, and she sometimes loses herself in her own material pursuits. You put spirit before matter. You seek spiritual fulfillment above all, and you’re primarily interested in intellectual balance rather than a purely material situation. In your eyes, success comes through sharing, and this worldview allows you to fully restore in the moments spent with your loves ones.

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The visions show a project that is very important to you; something you have been thinking about for a long time, but that seems difficult to achieve. In your draw you have the resources to embark on this adventure. You are a thoughtful, realistic and independent person and these are essential qualities for carrying out this project. The cards highlight the obstacles that prevent you from going after what you want. They are primarily social constraints. It is difficult for you to manage everything at once; some people rely on you, and you have moral and personal obligations. One way and another all these responsibilities prevent you from concentrating fully on this project which is nonetheless very important to you.

Recently, you seem to feel a certain weariness in your personal life. In your external environment, things tend to repeat themselves endlessly. You sometimes find this routine difficult to bear and you need a change of scenery.  Highlight this desire for renewal and evoke new opportunities in your life. This change could take place in March 2019 when you meet a person who could change things in your life, and bring something new to your personal circumstances. You’ll get to know this man through a friend and he could soon play a larger role in your life. In his company, and that of your friend, you could try new activities and explore new horizons; the visions particularly evoke trips that could give you a different perspective on the world and fill that need for novelty you are feeling at the moment.  It shows a period of opportunity, change and discovery that marks a break with your current situation. By listening to your intuition you could achieve great progress on the personal and emotional levels.

It shows an existing relationship with a man has become too stressful for you, it must now be changed or ended. This man was born under the sign of Taurus and you met him in your business environment. You will have to make a decision about this relationships during the month of March 2019. Even if you prefer not to think about it today, you know deep inside yourself that it can’t continue this way. Something will have to happen, and according to the visions, it will be brutal and sudden.  It shows that the event will take place quickly, and second it shows that it will change the vision that one of you has of the other. It could as well be a disappointment as a pleasure.

You like dreaming about a long lasting future with this man. You sometimes catch yourself thinking about it during the day when your mind wanders and suddenly you are in the sunshine at the beach by the sea with that person by your side. Don’t you think that sometimes you should face reality with a bit more confidence? Dreams have their limits, and if you want them to become reality sometimes you have to get things going by stirring up the hornet’s nest.  It clearly shows that a lack of initiative generates too many misunderstandings in your relationship with this man. He may not continue to be as involved with you if you continue avoiding difficult subjects. From his side, his feelings for you seem to be pretty well rooted and he is not sure he could get away from you without regretting it for a long time. However, your fates are confused, and as you may have noticed in the past, there is only one truth for you: love.

It shows the possibility of forming a new couple, in March 2019. The man with whom it will be possible has already been around you for a long time. His feelings are sincere and he might be the right one for you. His intentions are positive and he is a loving and caring person. Neither of you need this new couple at the moment. Neither of you are emotionally unhappy and it is this that will allow this possible couple to have a healthy basis.

You will be able to flourish in a life together with him. At the same time, you will be able to preserve your independence because you will be free to continue your life as you wish. Each of you will be able to have external activities without either of you seeing it as a problem or feeling jealous. A good balance that will normally mean you start on good foundations. The result will be a couple that can last, close and strong.

This new couple is not a foregone conclusion, however. Even if the person has many qualities, your life together will not necessarily be easy from the start. There will probably be an adjustment period during which your two strong personalities will have to get to know each other and learn to live together.  Having said that this is more of a possibility and it’s up to you gravitate towards it.

Your Card Tarot Card: The Star represents a spiritual guide and allows the individual to find the path when he gets lost. On the symbolic plane, it represents a point of reference, a position from where we can begin to make thoughtful decisions.

By choosing the Star, you put forth your independence and your ability to think for yourself. You are a sensible person relying on your intellect to make rational decisions.


One of your exes is still thinking about you. He doesn’t dare come back to you because he wants to avoid putting you in a complicated situation. He regrets his past mistakes and thinks he has acquired some distance on the situation, he is full of good resolutions and new desire for you… It shows that this ex is now looking to the future. What should you do? There’s not only one answer.

We often only keep the good memories, the bad ones fade faster and sometimes we prefer to forget them. When someone from our past comes back into our lives, we must be wary of the effect that makes us forget the bad times we spent with him, and remember only the good. So that we quickly want to recommit to someone from whom we separated, because we forget about the reasons for the separation, which are often likely to recur if the relationship is restored. Do you see what I mean?

It shows that someone from your past is thinking about you, but they are also there to warn you of danger: do not listen to your immediate emotional response, and remember to weigh the pros and cons of possibly getting back together with this person. Clearly, this return is not without its dangers for you. Think back to the reasons for your separation, the things he may have said then, and think about what you want for your future.

The rest of March is very auspicious. It’s evoking the presence of a man in your life; either the long awaited return of someone who is very dear to you or simply the person who shares your daily life.

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The next few weeks promise to be extremely rewarding. Especially on a personal level, it shows a succession of events that are as favorable as they are unexpected. The challenges you face today will gradually dissipate, and you will finally take control of your life. While it is true that, for the moment, the situation appears somewhat complicated on your side, it does show there is a return of a loved one in your life and carries with it a lot of potential and numerous opportunities for you. These happy events are associated with a particularly favorable period during which you could finally achieve what you value most.

I know you’re having troubles and I am aware of your doubts and your fears, but there is real opportunity for the future.  Do you believe in fate? The visions are highlighting signals that connect your life path to that of a man; someone a little older than you, and who should play a major role in your life. Do you know who it is? He is a sensitive person who has stayed in the background for a long time because he is shy and afraid of being disappointed. The visions are  evoking a lot of interactions with this man during the month of March 2019. You’ll understand that the moments of happiness mentioned in your reading could be shared with him.

There is a sense of wistfulness. You can spend time thinking about what you could have done if you had taken another path, or who you would have been if you had taken a different decision. You’re an emotional person and you feel the need to externalize what you have in your heart. While it is true that you like to remember the past, you keep a close eye on the future and today this is your usual attitude. You ask yourself a lot of questions, and are looking for answers to drive away the doubt you are feeling at the moment. This is a positive state of mind, which should enable you to advance on your life path, and carry out the projects you are interested in.

The visions highlight decisive progress in your life in March 2019. This should lead you to make an important decision and stick to it. Your draw shows that you are an intuitive and deep person. You have use these spiritual and intellectual qualities to choose the most rewarding way for you. Your draw highlights a fundamental dilemma between feelings and reason that could happen in March 2019.

After this transitional period, the visions evoke a bright future in which you can blossom alongside a man. In the medium term, things should become easier for you, especially on an emotional level, with this idea of balance highlighted in your psychic reading. The questions you are asking today could finally be answered and dispel the fears and doubts you are feeling at the moment.

Your Tarot Card The Moon conveys a field of dreams and imagination. She represents the subconscious of the individual and describes what one cannot explain. This card grants a superior place to the occult. Gone wrong, the Moon represents phobias, anxieties and repressed feelings that can lead to madness.

By choosing the Moon, you prefer reason to the occult, the real to the imaginary, the light to the darkness. This attitude you adopt today allows you to act in a coherent way and to reflect on concrete questions on which you can quickly move forward.
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