How Do You Know If He Only Wants Sex?

There’s a good chance that at some point in your connection you haven’t solidified a commitment I think think it’s only human to ask yourself doe he only what sex from me?  And importantly, how do you know?

He’s Hot and Cold

At one point he’s all up in your grill, ha clearly doesn’t own a tesla, and then next day or even hours he’s cold and detached.  This can be frustrating because he could be consciously or unconsciously be trying to control the pace of the connection.  Do you wait and be patient?  Do you say something?  That answer depends.  If you have a history of protecting your heart, you may give up before it could even start.  If you’re the type that shoots herself in the foot when it comes to love by self sabotaging then you might not want to act before you think.

He’s Great and All, But All You Do Is Have Sex

I mean if there is a common theme here where you haven’t seen the sun together, well that could be a problem.  In our fast paced world, maybe this is the only time you can get together and it’s two birds with one stone, but more likely then not he most like just wants sex from you.  If you’re wanting him to know when he will start to open up his feelings for you, a gifted psychic can help you decide on the right course of action.

He Tells You

If he tells you he just wants to have sex, that could be tricky because he could be testing you.  That is, it’s like he knows he has feelings for you, but doesn’t want to necessarily open up until he gets a better sense of where you’re at.  Other times, it is what it is, and when he tells you he wants a physical relationship for the time being, you might have to accept him, or convince him otherwise, through persistency.

When You Do Bring Up Commitment He Avoids The Questions

So you have decided to muster up the courage because you’re clearly not happy and would like to see things shake up a bit at an attempt to improve the situation.  Good for you by the way, and if you find yourself wanting answers from him, being direct and upfront is not a bad strategy.  Having said that, what do you do if he avoids the topic entirely?

Clients come to me with this issue a lot, the thing is you obviously can’t force somebody to fall in love with you but at the same time if you have made any kind of investment in this relationship, you deserve to be happy and you deserve the right to know if you’re wasting your time.  If he is unable to be an adult and talk about your relationship then yes giving sort of strong warning or even ultimatum could be the right course of action.

There are so many unknowns, variables such as other people, that can tangle this web even more.  If you are just not trusting right now and you have that need to know mindset, call or chat with me on

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