Free Magic 8 Ball Readings

Take a Coin and Follow The Rules

The outcomes are based on 3 flips Heads and Tails are the only two out comes.

If you Flip HHH No Beware Do Not Move Forward Doing So Might Alter Your Destined Path In Love.  It’s Not Advisable To Proceed Forward Because You Will Get Hurt And You’ll Be Wasting Your Time

If You Flip HHT – Maybe, this means, don’t give up, see it through the next mercury in retrograde, whatever the next one is, you’ll be texting or chatting with this person, and if I’m write you should get several keen chat readings from me.

If You Flip HTT – It’s not Clear Shake The Eight Ball Again (flip the coin three more times)

If You Flip TTT – Yes this is also the wealth magic eight ball outcome.  what that means to you is expect more income coming in over the next three months, it won’t be later than that and it will be more than you had expected.  This is one of the most positive 8 ball answers!

If You Flip THT – Maybe, you need more data or experiences to make a decision right now.  Sit on it, react as as opposed to being proactive, respond but don’t initiate.

If You Flip HTH – It’s A Resounding YES!  Continue Forward and You Will Receive Many Blessings From The Universe, You’re About To Embark On The Best Days Of Your Life relative to the last three months.

If You Flip TTH – Yes Don’t Be Afraid, You really can’t screw up what you want as it shows that you DO have the Universe’s support at this time.  Do not waste this opportunity and carpe diem because this window of opportunity has a shelf life of about 3 weeks.

If You Flip THH – No, It’s best to wait it out and stall if you’re able.  Now is not the right time to bulldoze through your issues regarding matters of the heart, you’ll only stall things further and you might even regret this move once you make it.

If You Flip Anything else start over and do it again

I am your human Magic 8 Ball.

I wont give you canned answers, I will give you real psychic answers.  I won’t tell you that I cannot predict now.  I won’t tell you outlook not so good.  I will be more articulate than that.  I won’t say decidedly so.  I will explain in chronological order the events of your life that will lead to you finally getting security and consistency in love.

Hello my name is Kent Coffee. If you’re looking for someone to really help you during times of confusion, sadness, or heartache please call/chat I have helped many with my psychic abilities and I will tell you your destined path in love. I seem to attract those who believe in Twin Flames because I can understand the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you are both experiencing.

My reading style and delivery is fast, focused, and straightforward. I give direct answers to your questions and I’m able to elaborate on anything that you need clarity on. I don’t just focus on love, I also give career advice as well as predictions on job prospects, interviews, and very important people around you.

Having said that, I’m caring by nature. I earn your trust because I’m honest, accurate, and easy to talk to and you’ll appreciate how much information you’re getting in such little time. Having said that, the readings will go way more smoother if you’re able to tell me your first name and birthdays and if you want me to focus on somebody else, their first name and birthday as well.

My goals are to transform hearts, saving love, and describing destined paths using my abilities to understand people and anyone around them. I have been on keen for a long time. I am an experienced psychic who knows how to make people feel better. If you’re having a bad day, I can tell you when things will get better, days that are going to stand out for you, and after it all I want to make sure you understand that no matter what your situation you will leave feeling better about yourself and your Love.

Instead of wracking your brain trying to figure out why he hasn’t called, I work all of the time, give me a try and you’ll see that I really do make a lot of sense and will make you feel better.

I suppose I would say it is certain like the magic eight ball.  At least we have that in common.

Kent Coffee – A better Magic Eight Ball.  To Learn More About Fate Or Free Will Click Here

Call or chat with me here:…/love-re…/psychic-kent-coffee/10161425

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