1. Please put User895458 (a.k.a April, dob 27 Aug 63) in the list. She gave a 1 star for “not typing fast enough” even though her questions were answered specifically. I only made $119.and even though I delivered her answers at 80 wpm it wasn’t fast enough for her. She also lied and exaggerated about how much she spent to chat with me. This is 100% unfair.

  2. User814868 needs to be put in the Keen Basher’s list. She has put similar negative feedback with other advisors consistently so she is definitely a habitual basher.

  3. How do we block them if not taking the call or chat? how can I find the user and being able to block?

    • If you find one of these bashers you would have to decline the call or chat. Wait. Turn off your chat and call. Go to members section find the member and delete. They won’t be able to call or chat with you again. Another way is to take the chat but before the three minute mark cut the chat or call they can’t leave you bad feedback unless it’s for sessions 4 minutes or longer. HTH

      • Thank you Kent Coffee! I can’t find any ”members section”, only My Customers section. But there I can’t find this particular BBBB basher who I did decline as fast as I found her/him in your list here. I have also tried to search the Community Forums with zero result. Please tell where to find the Members section?

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