2020 Yearly Horoscopes By Kent Coffee


You’ve been running around in circles for the last two years, yes making progress but no where near where you’d like to be in your career.  Well 2020 is upon us and in this year alone you’ll have accomplished more than you have in probably your lifetime.  Expect money to continually flow with abundance.  Meanwhile love is supported from a partner who is patient, understanding, and kind.  He or she loves you for your passion, finds you endearing when you get mad, and knows that you where the pants in the relationship.  On February 25th expect to have something that you’ve been working on come to the forefront where you’ll be reminded to think long term.  Your best day of the year will come in March 8ish.  In July expect your romantic life to take up more of your time.  Expect your partner to be supportive all throughout the month and expect to bond with each other.  You end the year thankful for your life literally turning around and more money than you’ve had in a very long time.


Dear Taurus you have more of the same in your career and you are likely to find that reassuring and rational.  You’re changing this year with new faces, new people changing the way you think, and opportunities in love like you haven’t had in decades.  You’ve been working hard for the last 5 years and you’ve seen a lot of success, but love has been sadly lacking and it’s taken a toll on you mentally.  Well Taurus 2020 you find a lot of security and consistency in love.  Like Aries the best day of the year will be on one of the days in the first 10 days of March.  Anything can happen and I’m excited to hear what that means to you, but I kid you not it is epic and it’s life changing. Otherwise, for single Tauruses you’ll have about 6 people that you’d love to be with but only one will win your heart and that should be in March.  If you haven’t had much luck in love, well when it rains it pours for you.  This year is asking you to learn more to think differently by keeping an open mind.  You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at dear Taurus, but love is your main priority in 2020, and that hasn’t been like that in like forever.


What can I say, it’s been a tough year.  You were pushed, you were manipulated, you found out you had more enemies than you thought.  The universe really pressed down on you in 2019, but that pressure will no longer be there in 2020.  In fact I hope you give a fair assessment this time next year and I want you to compare the two years.  There will be a real sense of accomplishment and praise.  In regards to your love life, well that was also weighing you down in 2019.  I’m here to tell you that 2020 will be an amazing year for you to reach new heights in your relationship.  You’ll be able to express yourself, you’ll be able to make gesticulations that make people listen, you’ll be able to be heard, but most of all you have a partner that wants to talk to you.  I see this person really understanding that you need a lot of consistent and meaningful conversations and texts in order to be happy.  I see you talking and talking and talking and talking.  Be mindful of the mercury in retrogrades this year because they will especially affect you in 2020.  What that means is expect the past to come to the forefront forcing you to deal with issues and people of your past that you haven’t been able to come to resolution with.  Expect though that they will bring clarity and not the usual noise that most mercury in retrogrades can bring.  Your best day of the year will be 7/10/2020


Cancer your year is all collecting for past efforts have yet until now have been unrecognized by the Universe.  This is not just in work/career, but it’s just as applicable to your love life as well.  You’ll be in more control than you have had in years past as you finally realize your true value in every way.  Family matters Cancer and you’ll see that both your immediate family as well as your extended family will give you great joy in the year ahead of us.  If you’re single, a person of your past is going to want you back look for that around the third week of February and basically all of March.  It’s a great year of letting go of the past, to forgive those that have burned you, and to see that there are forces making you be a better person to those that you truly love dear Cancer.  Christmas of 2020 is the best day of the year for you Cancer.  You feel that you’re really loved and you feel more ambitious and confident than you have been in a very long time.


You’re going to be telling others what is good for them and you’re going to direct people so that they can be their best.  You give great advise Leo and you’re going to be given extra powers to help those who actually need your help.  That doesn’t mean that you have to take on every charity case, it’s just that the more you advise the more you feel empowered and the feedback your getting is making you feel really good about yourself.  In love Leo, just allow it to happen, you have a tendency to force things, but that’s not going to help you.  Certainly when you’re advising others you want to be proactive and imposing your will on to others, but in love, again it’s a no no.  The reason being Dear Leo is that you’ve already racked up enough karma points so to speak and for you love is basically everything.  Trust that you’ve done enough in your current relationship or if you are single trust that you’ve reached that point where you’re going to be handed over a loving and lasting relationship whether you like it or not.  If you haven’t moved yet, why not?  You may find that this year you buy a new house or condo.  In regards to your best day of the year, it’s going to be in may, look for may 13th and some days before and after that day.


You virgos are all cool as a cucumber when being discrete or when challenged.  I expect you’re going to in various situations where you’re going to be thinking on your feet, watching what you say to upper level management, and coming home to consistent and functioning sex.  Having said that, don’t underestimate your past efforts in regards to your career because you are inevitably will feel some way shape or form, better financially than you have been in quite some time.  You Virgos will appreciate the little ones in your life, even the ones who aren’t yours may bring insights to you come April or May, and if you do have kids, make sure to appreciate them more extra especially during those months.  If you are single, you’re more inclined to meet someone who is not normally your type.  You’ll be forced to open your eyes to other cultures that are way different than yours even if your poi is of the same race as you.  An Ex may rear his or her ugly head in late Feb or Early March, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Your best day is going to be August 11, 2020.


Dear Libra I here bye announce that 2020 is going to be your year you finally receive the love you’ve been hoping for all of this time.  Your significant other is going to come through for you in every way including times when you don’t feel at your strongest.  I see a lot of laughter and joy for all libras in 2020 and I hope that with gratitude and total appreciation you’ll get even more than what you had bargained for.  Love rules work is de nada and your life all the sudden seems so much more robust and meaningful when you have shared resources and a place you call your home with your significant other.  You Libras will always be successful because you’ll never let yourself get to the point of failure.  You have too much dignity and self respect to not earn, so do your thing and you’ll find yourself abundant again.  Friends appear to come and go, but your real sweet spot is in being with your partner where you feel that is you both against the world.  So yes Libra, you seem to have one of the best years out of the other signs in 2020, your best day is going to be 4/1/2020


Scorpio’s have had it a bit better as of late, but that’s not that great considering where you’re coming from.  Finances haven’t been exactly easy to manage and getting ahead seems like a never ending road, but alas Scorpio you’re break through isn’t so much in love as it is in your income and the rate in which you’re able to increase your earnings power over the entire course of 2020.  Now listen that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience love or have copious amount of sex, quite the contrary, it’s just that you seem to be having some unusual and perhaps fated good luck in your ability to make more money for you and yours.  If you’re finding that you’re coasting at work, which I doubt, and you’re more focused on love, you’ll have many more opportunities with new people as to going back to your past to ignite an old flame.  Your 2020 is still an amazing year but that is still under the backdrop of the last two which haven’t been exactly easy.  Your best day is going to be June 17th 2020


Sages are some of the funniest and outgoing people I know.  Most are a bit selfish, but they make up for it with their humor and quick wit.  Always a willing student, Sages this year are going to make Money Rain and it comes to you at no better time than now.  Sages in 2020 will outsmart their enemies, will make many good will gestures to their co workers, bosses, and basically all higher ups that getting ahead seems rewarded without asking.  You’re going to be traveling more than you have been and this comes as a blessing for you.  You no longer have to take 1 hour showers just to get some alone time.  Love is available to you from multiple sources if you are single.  If you’re in a relationship improvement in finances will ensure both of you are working towards the same goal, but it also means you’re not as stressed out about your bills and money owed to others or other institutions, you will continue to expand your mind, but become even more set in your ways.  Your partner seems to be handling it well with patience.  You should do something nice for them, all in all, they’ve been pretty good to you.  The best day for you is the day you had your first child, and if you don’t have one then it is August 8th, 2020


Usually I warn a capricorn of trying not to be too controlling in their everyday affairs but It appears that you’re going to be more in control of your life as well as others than you have been in a long time.  Wearing the pants is where you do thrive and your partner should know this by now.  If you have to let him or her know again do so.  You’ve built enough karma points and then some to be direct and ask what it is that you need from your partner.  You’ll also be in control of your finances this year as two distinct months come to mind.  July and then again in October.  Those are by far the best two months of the year, but they come with it positive news that you will indeed feel humbled and blessed.  Having said that, your partner needs you now than he or she has ever needed you, so if you love them, take the time to let them know that you care, otherwise they could ruin an otherwise silky smooth year for you.  Expect old pals from faraway places to play a role in your life some time in september of 2020.  The best day for you is May 28, 2020


The risks that you took this past year are now shaping into what’s to become one of the greatest feats of your life when it comes to your love life and family life Aquarius.  You’re going to feel this Christmas of this year, but really all through out 2020 you’re going to feel very supported by both your family and your lover.  If you are single it means that you will in a relationship for most if not all of 2020.  You have so much good luck this year that it is literally unbelievable and next to Libra you’re a close second to having the best 2020 out of the other signs.  Having said that since you derive so much support and love from your family and lover, you’re going to have to at least maintain the status quo.  Disruptions in your love or family life need to be directed immediately.  But I’m not predicting that’s going to happen to you.  Money comes in a very unbalanced sort of way, even if you are on salary, you’ll still seem some pleasant monetary surprises all throughout 2020.  Your health is at it’s best and you really are becoming a more wise and compassionate person.  This year will prove that you have been working hard on yourself and you’ve been working hard on your goals.  You’ll accomplish a lot in 2020 with your best day being November 18, 2020.


Pisces this year you’re going to let go of feeling sad about your life and you’re going to have a renewed or restored faith in your life.  This will most likely come as result of love being more consistent and not so detached or hot cold.  You will attract those who miss you and it will be up to you whether or not you want to pursue an ex.  I say go for it, but just know that no matter what your year is unlike the others in the sense that all of your focus will be on love.  Work and responsibilities yes they will always be there, but there are just too many coincidences and too many forces to be honest you that is driving you to open up your heart and to really truly love again.  if you do decide to go with your ex again, it will go well and I’m sure of that.  I feel the universe has had it hard on you, but it has only made you stronger and maybe more humble.  When you receive the love that I feel you will experience having gone through the rough times makes this time all so more meaningful.  Love fills your heart and soul and the one who you have always loved will comeback to you.  So you’ll have options for sure.  In regards to work, work is just better because you have love in your life.  Your mind is not preocuppied and you’re not as worried.  Your best day is September 24th 2020.

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