Does He Like Me? Here Are 20 Signs He’s Clearly Into You!


Whether he’s texting you or saying it to you in person, it’s clear that he wants to get to know you by asking as many questions as he possibly can.  Some guys will bulldoze through questions and other guys might have a somewhat aloof approach, either way if he’s asking a lot about you that means he’s into you.  So if you’re asking if he’s into you, he is.

Well at least you get to see if he has crooked or straight teeth, either way you’ll know that he’s into you because he’ll be smiling from cheek to cheek nothing but teeth.

Some guys after intimacy will become distant shortly thereafter.  It’s an expectation of women to have some sort of communication after intimacy but more times than not he’s distant because he knows you’ve been intimate and he doesn’t want to scare you away by being too clingy.

I mean it has to start somewhere, if you’re not into him then just give him a fake number.  Otherwise, he’s basically saying that he will blow up your iphone if you allow him.

He’s already added you on facebook, instagram, snapchat, et al, but either way it’s a tell tale sign that he’s into you.

Smart guys will answer ask this first as to gauge interest, but also just to know.  That means he’s respecting you by asking first and if you say yes then he’ll back away.  There’s a chance that he’s more alpha though and he may use that as way to see if you’re happy.

I mean I think women do this too when they’re interested in a guy.  The guys version isn’t so much brushing up against you, more like he puts his hand on an appropriate area of the body which basically is the side of your hip or your shoulder.  Yeah sounds creepy to explain it too.  That’s not me I swear. lol.

If He’s Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio He will get super jealous if you are around him and you’re talking to other guys.

I mean basically if he’s staring at you all of the time, and you’re looking behind you to see if there is nobody else he could be looking at, and he’s still staring at you, chances are he’s into you.  If you’re at a seminar or a classroom and your eye’s lock time and time again, chances are he’s pretty mesmerized by your beauty

You told him a random thing about you that you like, and he gets it for you.  He remembers names, he remembers details.  I mean it really runs the gamut here, but if he you catch him remembering things about you, that means he’s thought about you and wants you to know that he pays attention

I’m sure you do this too, but he’ll try and see you at inopportune times or opportune times.  Either way, for whatever reasons he’s there.  Can’t get rid of him, he shows up a lot and it’s either super charming or really creepy

He makes fun of you.  Guys who have sisters tend to joke more and be silly with their significant others.  You probably deserved to be made fun of, am I riiiiight?

If you’re in a group setting he’ll try and just talk to you.  I mean some guys are totally social so you’ll have to read the room, but genuinely speaking the inverse here is what you should be concerned about.  If he’s talking to other women while you’re around, he may not be that into you.

Once you get to know him, he’ll want to fix things for you.  Literally around the house, but also figuratively, some guys have a save the girl mentality to love.  Like they want to be the one who saves you.  I mean whatever, it does exist.  The point here is that he will try and fix your lives.  A lot of attorneys get into long term relationships with their ex clients.

I’m not going to lie to you.  And it is a fact.  He will probably pay the most attention to you before sex, after he will pay attention to you, but it won’t be as urgent or as passionate.  Women tend to be thoroughly disappointed by this but some of this is just man behavior.  Is it right?  Of course not.  But some men weren’t raised to be a good guy all of the time.

He compliments you on your beauty, something your wearing, he compliments you about your idea or thought, he finds ways to get your approval through compliments.  Some guys will give you backhanded compliments too, so it’s keeps you guessing.

He genuinely wants give you his undivided attention.  He wants to stay up all night with you talking about everything and nothing.  He’s always asking if you need anything because he’s attentive, he’s caring, and thoughtful.

If he’s spending time with you and tells you he likes spending time with you then he really is into you.

Did You Know That The Most Searched Google Male Sign is Virgo Male.  The search “virgo male” exceeds all the other times by 5 times.  Why is this?  Virgo Males Tend To Be Nervy, but they also can be quite critical and cool as a cucumber.  So it’s like you never really know what he’s thinking.  Having said that if he seems nervous or shy it probably is a sign that he’s into you.  It doesn’t matter what age, all men at some point will be shy around someone they find beauty both mentally and physically.

    He Kisses You

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