How Do I Know If He’s My SoulMate? Here are 7 Reasons To Know For Sure

The gift of irrelevancy
Everything outside of the relationship becomes less important to the couple and even severe problems and obstacles become irrelevant to their happiness.


It’s scary!
The word “love” is very over-used in modern society. Typically these days it just implies fondness or tolerance. True love however is scary. The more you love someone the more they can hurt you. It’s normal to feel a level of fear when you truly love someone, yet it often shocks people when they feel it for the first time. Especially if they thought they had been in love before.


Am I good enough?
It’s quite normal for each partner to feel they aren’t quite worthy of their partner. This isn’t insecurity but it’s a similar concept. There’s also a subtle feeling that they make you a better person. (I’ve never found soulmates in a destructive relationship)


Opposite viewpoints.
A fascinating element of the relationship, opinions are often shared yet the logic used to arrive at them is often literally opposite.


Acting out of character
Typically a soulmate brings out a different side of you than previous partners have. Recurring themes include being more nurturing and selfless than in prior relationships. Soulmates seem to always bring out the best in each other (especially apparent if they have a history of destructive relationships prior).


A sense of wasted time with previous partners
It’s common that when soulmates compare their current happiness and dedication to that of previous relationships they’re fairly horrified at how unhappy and dissatisfied they were.


There’s an abnormally high level of trust. You can’t truly love someone unless you implicitly trust them. They just hold too much power over you to “let go” beyond a certain point without trust (destructive behavior and ‘relationship sabotage’ often derives from a lack of trust, perhaps for this reason)


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