Platonic Soulmate? What is It? Do I have One?

A platonic soulmate the man version is basically being a little bitch, sorry but that’s the truth.  Jokes aside a platonic soulmate does exists and it basically means that you are forever off limits romantically but as friends you have this connection with this person who you feel very strong for but perhaps aren’t physically attracted to this person.  A lot of times they are great looking gay male friends who you can confide into.   Having said that there is not one size fits all I’ve heard excuses from, his penis is too small, I’m just not attracted to him, he’s kind of not my type physically, he’s gay, he has a wife and most likely you have a loving husband, he’s clingy and I’m the only person he gets along with.

All petty differences aside, a platonic soulmate is someone you feel deeply for, you may even feel this person, you feel very connected to this person and forever reason this person moves you in ways that take you to another world that is so much safer and warmer from where you’ve been from recently.  You may not feel attracted to this person but you certainly do feel something, it’s unfortunate that there is a lack, something that is missing, but we move forward.

A platonic soulmate is your best friend, it could be a relative or even a sibling.  I have never personally have had a platonic soulmate relationship, I thought I did, but love as it is irrational can also push people away even those we feel a real affinity to.

Sometimes though a platonic soulmate is an excuse.  There is almost always one person who has stronger feelings than the other and if it’s the person in love who feels they have a “platonic soulmate” well that usually doesn’t end well.  Using the term as an excuse isn’t a way to live.  If you’re waiting for someone who is taken and it’s been years, then you need to move on.  If you’re somewhere in between then you should call or chat with me. 

Having said that by definition a platonic soulmate does not include the word love, and when love is involved in the equation we are talking about a whole different category.  You could be a twinflame connection, a soulmate connection, a very complicated that has no real definition.


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