Revealed – The Mystery of Twin Flame

Regardless of the fact that we intend to or not, it is important for you to know that we are one way or the other  continuously sharing our energy with others.  Twin flames share the same soul as one resonance and  it vibrate at the same level, their energetic flow makes them become a sympathetic affection and an  emphatic thoughts and emotions  with each other which enables them to intuitively know what the other is feeling, desiring or thinking. When we listen to our twin flame talk this is often with a sense of wonder as they seem to be able to read our mind

At some point in our lives, we have all heard of soul mates. We probably all at some point wonder about that special person, and we may even have had the fortune to meet her in our own lives.

Although a soul mate can be defined in many ways, it is basically that person who completes us, who has been sent to wake us up and force us to become a higher version of ourselves.

It is believed that a person may have more than one soul mate throughout their life. They can get in our way in the form of friends, lovers and even members of our family. This energetic connection with them is somehow more powerful than any other.

First we must try to understand and define what the Soul is. The Soul is described in different ways by various religious entities. It is not the purpose of this writing to define the Soul according to the beliefs that exist but rather to try to understand and feel it in each one of us as we evolve. Most people throughout time have known that the Soul is of a Divine Nature. Its origin comes from God, the Absolute. It was emanated by that Absolute Vibration and then at the moment of Creation it takes the Consciousness of Giving, Receiving and imparting Well-being to the created Universe.

The Soul before entering a physical body like the one we have, exists in a state of Perfection. His Essence is always Pure, does not know duality or human vices. It exists in a state of Harmony and total Happiness because it is continuously maintained by the Vibration of that Infinite, Divine and Perfect Light that maintains itself by its Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. At what moment of its Creation does the Gemelity of the Soul occur? At that same moment of Creation and with the same Divine pattern, a Cosmic Almic Energy is divided giving rise to Flames or Twin Souls that will never separate and complement each other eternally. They have the same spiritual origin and unique identity pattern. They are divided into their masculine and feminine polarities already within a dual Universe.

The coupling and evolution of the Flames or Twin Souls goes hand in hand. They are mirrors of each other and their polarized energies in feminine and masculine attributes are also coupled so that each one evolves. The Twin Flames are unique, they exist under the auspices of Divinity because their Nature is Divine. That is, contrary to popular belief, we only have a Twin Flame, which vibrates on the same frequency of Divine Love. You wrap yourself in Light with your Soul mate and become a single Being, you understand the true ecstasy of Divine Love not necessarily physical and you get to understand the transcendental nature of that relationship. The union of the Twins occurs within the Consciousness of the I Am of each one and then understand that Alchemy occurred at the level of the Divine Being and in the presence of God. Since these two people are a Soul, a Spirit, a Being because they belong to the same Unit. These Souls will share a specific Divine destiny that is only for that couple to fulfill. The important thing to understand is that those Twin Souls containing the male and female polarities that are exchanged are destined to continually express Divine Love in their Father-Mother Essence. That is to say, polarities are not sexual, they are the Essence of the co-creative process of the Universe where feminine is the raw material of Creation and masculine is the power of Creation given to matter so that Life and Love are manifested. Polarities represent the spirit of God and matter in the Earthly Planes. Due to the misuse of free will we are creating denser vibrational levels to the point of not only moving away from God but from our Twin Souls. God in his immense Love has sent Ascended Masters like Jesus and Buddha to help us through his teachings and examples of Life how to reconnect with our I AM presence and thus eventually reconnect with our Soul mate.

As your Soul or Twin Flame is your own Self and Almic complement, the best way to recognize or reconnect to it is through connection with your own Christ Self. When you find the union with your presence I AM or Inner Master and vibrate from your Divinity, also the connection is made with your other I or Twin Flame. This is how we begin to vibrate in that singular Cosmic pattern that exists from the moment of Creation. It is to recognize your double Almico, your own vibrational mirror, the Being that only with you can and should evolve to achieve the Ascension of Consciousness because that was the original commitment.

The Twin Souls are attracted like a magnet and once they meet literally a crush occurs a recognition which moves and moves the two. From then on, these Souls never separate and little by little they go away, entering more until they experience a total fusion of Energies and Vibration. An intense and unique attraction occurs. It is the awakening to a mysterious sensation in which we feel we have always known that person. There is a communication that goes beyond words. They express thoughts simultaneously and it is as if these Souls were a projection of each other. The great Love they feel is what recreates the original Divine relationship that helps these Souls find the Beauty of the Cosmic union, even if the Souls have had problems and created karma in some Life. A Soul mate does not necessarily incarnate with his consort or counterpart in all their lives. We must remember that although Souls have the same vibrational frequency, in each incarnation they must continue with the karmic learning they bring.

The Twin Souls base their relationship on a fundamental sense of Unity. They are unified in their vision of things, they have the same goals and uniformity of feelings. They progress at the same time and the differences in the direction of their lives do not alter or separate them because Energy unites them in the symbology of Pure, Cosmic and Divine Love. That’s why once they connect, their progress is very fast. The Twin Souls always see through the Third Eye and unify them in such a way that their spirituality is rising at the same time.

Each one maintains its individuality but there is no separation between them, nor division.

Only the Soul mate can Love as herself for the Unity of feelings that exists between them, since one is half of the other. These Souls not only love each other continuously but do not challenge each other, they care for the good of the other, there is no competition, jealousy, no impulses of Wrath or revenge one with one another because due to its union and fusion, anything affects the other. It is an innocent Love, worried about each other, they always look for mutual good and if there is any offense they both feel the pain equally. Because of that they try not to hurt themselves, but to protect themselves continuously.

It is the Love that gives everything, unconditionally, expects nothing in return. It is nourished by the unceasing Love they have. They never feel lonely anymore since the union of their Souls is Eternal.

The goal of the Twin Souls is to achieve an integration with the Divinity through that Infinite Love that makes them express all the Divine qualities.

Souls have equal feelings and that Love is only recognized, by them and in a special way. In the absence of soul separation, only the Soul mate can Love her other part as herself. Only that Soul can fill every space of your Soul, your Mind, of your feeling, as nobody will ever do it because it is simply like giving it to yourself.

The first time that the Souls meet is an intense, shocking event, of vital importance and whose meaning has repercussions for the rest of their lives.

The rapport occurs very fast and you have very intense experiences especially in the Energy field. The chakras suffer the coupling between them, in moments where the psychic centers of one of the Souls exert an influence on the body of the other. It is so intense that experiences are felt on a physical level due to the influence that the Chakras exert on the physical body. The Kundalini can manifest itself in all its magnitude and there is nothing that can be done to stop this Energy once it is stimulated. It is necessary to let it be expressed so that that Energy rises to the Cosmic levels that are destined to arrive.

The Twin Souls live a consolidated Love and have the same perception. As their origin is the same, they identify in similar tastes, attitudes and thinking skills, same taste in food and activities, like the sea or mountains, cold or heat and can even have similar patterns of lines in the palm of your hands They are of a gentle nature and the higher their spiritual evolution is, the more joyful the Spirit is in them.

Having a Soul mate is a great gift. The Twin Souls offered themselves to the Father / Mother to descend to the planes of matter to bring the Love of God to Earth.

The original plan was for Souls to reincarnate several times in male and female bodies so that each half of the Divine All would learn to be the instrument of God. Due to the use of free will and Karma formation, the Vibration was lowered, causing the distance of the Divine Source and thus the Twin Souls were also affected by this wheel of reincarnations and karma causing separation between them in several lives.

When losing the Harmony, fear, mistrust were created and more and more we moved away from the Source. This is how Karma is created and separation of the Almico Twin. In different lives we establish relationships with other Souls that could relate to a certain level of affinity. These Souls are the Related Souls or Companions. In each Life that we were separated Karma was created and to evolve the reunion is achieved. The Gemelidad has a unique mission: to unite the Twin Flames, in the relationship they have with God and their I AM. The reunion can be so strong that there are people who have difficulty accepting it. The consummation of this acceptance process entails recognition and rediscovery that could take days to weeks to discover although it begins to be suspected. In each encounter, the Souls begin to attract more and more, they begin to feel anticipation and joy when the beloved couple arrives and they prepare to accommodate the intensity they begin to feel when they see it. Looking into the twin’s eyes a spark and intensity is produced that is only understood between them. The specific moment of recognition is very strong, the Soul of one enters and reconnects with the other Soul, an instant Alchemy occurring. The Twin Flames ignite and unify forever. This alchemical consummation that is instantaneous requires a process of growth and adjustment. Time makes Souls consolidate more and more in a process of awareness by adapting the personality to the Soul. An Unconditional Love is produced that becomes stronger and more intense.

The Twin Souls look perfect to each other since they see in them the presence of God. Once this Alchemy occurs, the Twin Souls will never be the same as before because they have the same Spirit and a unique pattern of identity, the Love of God on Earth.

By being subject to free will, Souls are exposed to develop Karmas by which they will have to learn lessons in subsequent lives. According to the evolutionary level and the degree of karma they will have the joy of meeting again to continue developing their Divine Plan. If all the Twin Souls had maintained the level of Cosmic Harmony without creating karma, the ecstatic love between them would have remained on Earth and the fall of man would not have occurred.

For those who have found their Soul mate, they have achieved the greatest joy and happiness that can be had in this Creation Universe. It is the greatest Miracle of Alchemy and Transformation that is achieved through the evolution of the Soul.

Although the Essence of our Twin Flame is within each one, they also maintain a level of individualization as a consequence of The Karmas and growth processes in the different lives.All Souls come from the same place, from the I AM Divine Presence therefore, we will all have that union eternally. There are all the Twin Souls that exist, because we all, absolutely all have one and we all belong to that great soul family. It is the Divine Family to put it in some way, where all Souls came from. In each incarnation, we relate in different ways, either in the plane of gemelity with your Soul mate or with your Related Souls. No matter the way of relationship, all the Twin Souls will have to share with Related Souls through the wheel of incarnations, free will and karma we are all part of the Great Divine Almic Family for our common origin from the Divine and Creative Source .

In the Manifested or Creation world, all Souls that had been Manifested by Divinity entered into duality. In doing so, each Divine Spark was divided into male and female Divine polarities or attributes. This does not refer to sexuality but to the Divine complements of the Soul in the created and dual world. This gave rise to each Divine Soul remaining existing with its complement or gemelity for the rest of eternity.

Because the Almic commitment is always to give through the Service, love and reintegrate into its Divine Source, the Cosmic Plan for Souls is to achieve that Union with God.

By having the gift of free will, we have the right to make decisions and depending on the application of the Law of Cause and Effect, we will create karmas.

Let us clarify that no Karma is bad, but it does involve the awareness of learning, transmuting and evolving the consequences of poorly qualified actions with the intention of ascending in our evolutionary spiral. Upon reaching a certain level of Consciousness and having learned the right and necessary lessons to grow spiritually, a higher Vibrational level is produced that will bring us closer and closer to our Soul mate. Once the Twin Souls meet again they have to stay free of the karmic wheel to continue to evolve and achieve that Cosmic Plan that they accepted since its Creation.

They must achieve the union of their spirals of Light, their chains of DNA and their I am, to achieve Christian Consciousness and hence achieve full Reintegration with God.

The Gemelity of Souls, subject to evolution in a physical body, will have what and maintain balance and harmony between physical attractions, coupling of the Energy Centers or Chakras, including the elevation of the Kundalini and finally achieving the Ascension of Being. Only then will they fulfill their great Cosmic Mission and live in the Light for all Eternity.

Last but not the least, . It is important for every twin flame to work on opening a conscious flow of love from the heart, since it is the energy field of the heart which connects us to our twin and others. It is only once we allow the telepathic flow of this Love into our lives through the exchange of unconditional love between us and our twin that we are able to align ourselves with the divine will and create balance within, thus radiating it outwardly through our light, awareness and well-being. Embracing our twin is paramount, and its like embracing our own mind, soul and body, including all that surround’s , life itself!.

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