Aries Man & Aries Woman What They Are Really Like

Aries Man

Have you recently met a weird and friendly person with an alpha manner, a fierce intensity and an instant smile? Get ready because you’ve probably just been an Aries Man.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac He’s the infant of the zodiac—the newborn baby—completely absorbed with himself. His needs come first.

Having said that the naivete of the Aries Man is also makes them so fearless.  He is an honest person the Ram will look you in the eye with intensity and expectation that you open yourself up to him.  He expects honesty and frankness, but may need you to be responsible because often the Ram can be reckless.  Try not to take it too personally if he puts himself first.  He really does believe that he is honest and that he can do anything better than anyone.

Often an Aries Man can have terrible tempers, but they are also known to not stay angry.  Once there is a truce, it’s buried and forgotten, so the Aries Man definitely won’t hold a grudge.  If you’re looking for adventure, The Aries Man makes the perfect partner in crime.  He is always up for a good time and really does make great company.

In love an Aries Man will go all in if he feels a connection with you.  You will feel that he is outpacing you by 10x, which basically means he wants to push your relationship to it’s endless bounds.  He has an heedless attitude about love and can often come across as pushy.  He is confident and has not qualms letting you know just how confident and awesome he is.

If you love an Aries Man there is nothing more that turns him off than being dull.  You’ll have to meet his passion for life.  You’ll have to not be negative around him and you can’t come across as too timid.  If he does screw up, try and forgive him because he’s the type of man who won’t continue to screw up if you do.  If you play games with this man, he won’t tolerate it, he will literally just leave if he’s not liking your behavior.  That doesn’t mean you have to walk around on eggshells around him, it just means he’s the jealous type.  If you insult his inferiority complex then he will take it personally.  He doesn’t like to be humiliated, but he does have a sense of humor that bails him out more than you think.

An Aries Man is a natural rebel who loves to defy authority.  Again this sign thinks and literally believes he can do whatever he wants.

If you Marry an Aries man he will basically dominate the home or he will leave it.  He may change jobs frequently, but no one will say he doesn’t have balls.  He will on the other hand will make a terrific father, he’l be warm and wonderfully funny.  Fatherhood is definitely a role he will enjoy.

At the end of the day, if you are able to give the Aries Man independence, you’ll get to where you want to go a lot faster with him.

Aries Woman

It’s All About Them.  A bit Self Absorbed the Aries Woman is a strong woman who doesn’t need a man and can fully operate on her own just fine.  An Aries woman won’t settle she will always need that hero of her dreams who she fantasizes about him yearning for her own heart.  At the same time, when things don’t go her way, she will think any thing he can do I can do better, she really will think that.

The Aries Female wants a man who isn’t going to bore her.  She wants to wear the pants in the relationship, but she also doesn’t want you predictable.  If you love an Aries woman be unpredictable, keep her guessing.  While thinking, desiring, and yearning for you, she’ll have three other men lined up just in case.

If you want to woo an Aries Female, flattery will get you everywhere.  The more indulgent and audacious the better.  She will take every one of those compliments and she will literally believe they are true.  Self awareness not exactly her thing.  She needs to be proud of you to love you.  Watch out for jealous explosions, and when she gets mad, she really gets mad.  In her eyes she does so much for you and this is the thanks she gets.  The female ram definitely plays for keeps.

The Aries Woman will always enjoy the company of men then she will the company of women.  The reason is that she wants to get any and all compliments from as many men as she can.  If you are the jealous type it’s not going to be a good pairing, because an Aries woman needs her freedom before and even after marriage.

An Aries Woman can be quite impulsive, but there really isn’t anything that this woman won’t tackle.  She is most likely a very career driven woman who believes she is better than any man that stands in front of her.  An Aries Woman can be quite particular in her moods and expectations of how you should behave.  In other words when she is miserable you should be miserable, and when she is happy she expects you to be happy.  As a wife she may be quite a handful.  She will though be an amazing cook and will run a productive and loving household, probably also working and paying the bills.

If you want to stay happily married with an Aries Woman you need to keep the passion in the marriage.  If she finds herself in a miserable marriage she will waste no time dumping you to the curb.  She can throw temper tantrums but she doesn’t hold grudges and is able to forgive and really forget.

Famous Aries:
Maya Angelou ,Al Gore, Joseph Pulitzer
Johann Sebastian Bach, Hugh Hefner, Harry Reasoner,
Otto von Bismarck ,Harry Houdini ,Maria Sharapova,
Marlon Brando, Henry James, Leopold Stokowski,
Charles Chaplin, Thomas Jefferson Emma Thompson,
Francis Ford, Coppola Nikita Krushchev, Arturo Toscanini,
Russell Crowe, David Letterman, Peter Ustinov,
Bette Davis, Sandra Day O’Connor ,Vincent Van Gogh,
Rene Descartes, Andrew Mellon, Booker T. Washington,
Betty Ford, J. P. Morgan, Tennessee Williams,
Aretha Franklin, Colin Powell, Reese Witherspoon,

– Kent Coffee